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Professional sexuality education consulting for parents and caregivers, schools and community organizations, and corporate leadership teams to navigate interpersonal relationships with your family, community, or organization.


Seeking some professional guidance while navigating a sexuality concern in your family, community or organization? We offer sexuality education consulting for parents and caregivers, schools and community organizations, and corporate leadership teams.

Many family units, communities, and organizations are starting to realize the need for addressing sexualit-related themes. Often, there are only a few resources that can be found to provide high quality assistance in navigating this area. With our consulting services, we are able to look at each unique situation and provide informed, research-based solutions to your needs. The goal is that no matter the size of your organization, family unit or large corporation, your members feel educated, empowered and valued.

Families / Parents / Caregivers

This consulting option is great for parents/caregivers who have specific questions about their child/ren. You will receive guidance and resources for your specific needs and tips on how to communicate with your child/ren on topics that fall under the umbrella of sexuality.

Sometimes parents, caregivers and families need a little extra support and guidance with talking about sex and sexuality with their child/ren. We can provide your family resources and tools to open communication about boundaries and consent, dating, sexual identity, and creating a shared value system. Initial consultations can happen through email, videophone or video chat for a fee of $20. After the initial consultation we can work together to figure out a cost structure that works for the family to move forward.

Organizations / Schools

For many organizations, the importance of strategizing with a sexuality consultant cannot be understated. Going beyond sexual harassment training, our consultation work can include:

  • Policy formulation
  • Professional development
  • Sex education workshops
  • Consult on a difficult client case
  • Provide support with planning a sexuality education event at your school or organization
  • Provide guidance on creating affirming space for LGBTQIA+ in your workplace or at event
  • Best practices to support your LGBTQ+ patients/clients ⁣
  • Design concrete and attainable plans for an inclusive professional environment
  • And more!

It is important to have an expert help you hone your skills in addressing human sexuality in a professional and efficacious way. Our commitment to you is to help you achieve your professional goals and incorporate a sexuality lens in your work.

Pricing: sliding scale $50-100/hr.

Contact us: hello@jooux.com

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