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Puberty Interpreting

Workshop Description

The goal of this workshop is to increase interpreters’ skills and confidence in interpreting puberty content with trauma-informed interpreting practices. Evidence-based strategies, practical activities and current resources are presented to support interpreters to critically reflect on their current bias and practice and create an inclusive and engaging learning environment for Deaf consumers (students and/or patients). Second puberty, one’s body changing in adulthood, will also be discussed in this workshop. Often, interpreters struggle with the level of intimacy when they use their body to interpret certain body parts. In this workshop, we will discuss whether it is necessary to use one’s own body and we will do exercises with interpreting puberty education without needing to use our own bodies with classifiers. There will be experiential learning opportunities, including simultaneously interpreting exercises, real-life scenarios analysis, and problem-solving situations.

0.3 CEUs (RID


Apr 06 2021


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Zoom Webinar



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